About us

about us

The Company was founded in 1947 by Asham Nawar, it had the career of ‘American Cars Spare Parts’ in Demeshq Street, Korba.

In 1981, the founder of the company, Asham Nawar, passed away and the company was divided into three careers. American Cars Spare Parts, Car Accessories and Security Alarms; each led by a son of Asham Nawar.

Became Nasser, one of Asham Nawar’s sons, independently responsible for Car Accessories.After that, in 2000, he looked forward for ‘Air Conditioning Auto Repair’ which was a new revolution of car services in Egypt.

In 2015, Nasser had to upgrade his services, so he opened a new Branch for Car Key Programming. This branch is equipped with the newest computers, tools and programming applications.

Lately in 2017, Asham Nawar’s owner opened a branch for BMW Spare Parts in Demeshq Street which offers Original Spare Parts with competitive prices.

We are still looking forward to improve our career and offer the best services with best prices available.